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Chris Foley Brokerage and Real Estate is committed to protecting your privacy; our Privacy Policy ensures your right to privacy. We take all reasonable steps to ensure the security of any personal information that you may provide us. Your personal information will be used only for the purposes for which its collection was intended. Your personal information will not be sold by Chris Foley Brokerage and Real Estate to any third party.

Our commitment in respect of personal information is to abide by the National Privacy principles for the protection of personal information, as set out in the Privacy Act and any other relevant law. We define your Personal Information as any information collected about you that makes your identity known.

Chris Foley Brokerage and Real Estate will only use your personal information in order for us to respond to your requests for information about services we provide or information about businesses listed for sale. From time to time we may also send you information that may interest you about special offers, changes to our organisation, updated information or other new products or services provided by us. If you do not wish to receive such information you may request that no further such information be sent to you by Chris Foley Brokerage and Real Estate, we will acknowledge this request at the earliest possible time.

You may request access to any of the personal information that we may hold about you at any time by writing to us at the Chris Foley Brokerage and Real Estate postal address. In certain circumstances we may not be obligated to provide you with such information. If your request for access to your personal information is denied an explanation will be provided to you. You may also request that your personal information be removed from our database, also by writing to the above address.

In order for us to continue to assist you in the future we request that you inform us of any inaccuracies or changes to your personal information.

From time to time we may update this Privacy Policy in response to changes in law, new technology or other reasons.

Legal Disclaimer

This information has been prepared by Chris Foley Brokerage Real Estate Pty Ltd (“CFBRE”), and is prepared on the basis of information provided to CFBRE in connection with the relevant transaction. Any statement or opinion made by CFBRE in connection with the transaction contemplated in the is not based on any actual or implied knowledge or consideration of the investment, financial situation, legal or taxation position or any other particular needs or requirements of the recipients. All parties must make their own independent assessment and investigation including without limitation, seeking professional advice and must determine kin proceeding upon the basis of such independent assessment, investigation and appraisal. Any statement or opinion of CFBRE whether express or implied is not, nor should be construed as a recommendation by CFBRE or any of its officers, agents or employees to participate in the transaction and, and to that extent, no reliance will be placed on CFBRE or its associations. CFBRE and its associates do not warrant (expressly or implied) that information supplied be complete, true and not misleading or not likely to be misleading or deceptive. CFBRE and its associates are not responsible and will not under any circumstances be liable (whether at law, in equity, under statute or otherwise) for any statement mad or anything contained in or arising out of the information including, without limitation, any errors, misrepresentation. CFBRE disclaims all responsibility for any loss or damage caused by reliance by any person or any representation, warranty or statement made by or on behalf of CFBRE and its associates. The use by, or reliance upon this information by any other per other person is not authorised by CFBRE and without limitation to the above disclaimers, CFBRE is not liable for any loss arising from such unauthorised use or reliance.
The information set out in this site has been prepared using information derived from a variety of external sources. CFBRE does not warrant the accuracy of any of the information and does not accept any legal liability or responsibility for any injury, loss or damage incurred by the use of or reliance on interpretation of the information contained here

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